Who we are ?

With ecosystems getting connected and technology linking all touch points, waste management is still seen as a tedious process by every single home, business and municipality. But what has never been realized is that, improper disposal and processing of the waste leads to environmental risks.
Swachha has been conceptualized to make a difference in the ever changing landscape of waste management. Born and named as Indus Waste Management, the company was established in 2008 with Solutions” – the one stop solution for waste management consulting services and recycling of waste streams from all sectors.
We believe that great products can be built by listening two your customers. Team Swachha involves in constant feedback cycles with the customers to create a tangible solution that is – innovative, flexible and yet best in class.
Besides putting our heads together to evolve our product, we make sure that we never lose track of the trends, regulations and compliance related to waste management industry.

Our ultimate goal ?

Gifting the coming generations a zero waste future.

Always One Step Ahead

We assist our clients at every step – whether it’s handling of waste, compliance or industry standards. Managing any kind of waste can be complex, especially due to the complexity of the guidelines, regulations and standards attached to it. Swachha’s topmost priority is to keep its customers updated, with the ever changing rules and regulations.

With Swachha, you can focus on what you really have to – your business, and you can leave the rest to us.

Waste Management – We believe in being partners, more than being vendors

We work with you to identify how you can benefit the most in terms of minimizing waste and the cost attached to it. From assessment through collection to processing, we make sure we provide the best support and use the highest standards in handling your waste.

Quotes are provided instantly to the clients online or over a call with an average response time of 2 hours. We are the first in the industry to provide online access to clients to their accounts, generate instant quotes and schedule collection of waste online.

Quick access, real time tracking and a transparent charging structure is what we offer you as a partner.

Changing the way you look at Waste management

In a sector which is governed by guidelines and overseen by multiple regulatory agencies, Swachha makes all the information available to you instantly. All our clients get a free online service for accessing data, legislative advice, waste recovery trends and regulations and much more.

The online solution is portable and can be accessed via mobile, tablet or PC. The data is secured with the best in class technologies and we never give a “backdoor” access to your data.

With Swachha you can:

  • Track the operation at every step – from collection to recovery
  • Generate quotes instantly for all kinds of waste streams and services
  • Access Important stats like volumes of waste, recovery methods and routes, carbon footprint, and recycling performance in real time
  • Export your invoices and statements at a single click
  • Stay updated with the latest trends, regulatory affairs and legislation in the waste management sector
  • Connect with Swachha for any waste management advice – just send in your query and we will make sure that we assist you at the earliest.


Mrs. Victoria Joslin D’Souza

Mrs. Victoria Joslin D’Souza Co-Founded Swachha Eco Solutions Private Limited (SESPL) in 2017 .She is the Co-Founder, Chief Strategy, Marketing Officer and Director heads the Strategy for SESPL and she is responsible for new growth business at SESPL. She served as the Proprietor of Protantra, the innovative Event Management Company..
Victoria has over 18 years of experience in the areas of business development and marketing in the local information services market. She is handling several responsibilities within SESPL and has been actively involved in building several strategic business relationships with key accounts for SESPL.

Mr. Rajesh Babu G.M

Mr. Rajesh Babu GM is Co-Founded Swachha Eco Solutions Private Limited (SESPL) in 2017; He is the Co-Founder, Chief Operating, Sustainable Officer and Director, where he is in charge of operations and go-to-market strategy. He drives our continued growth in the enterprise and leads expansion. He leads the SESPL organization, driving the strategy of platform business and developer relations. He also oversees corporate strategy and development organization for SESPL