Muncipalities Services

Swachha partners with municipalities to take charge of the safe and environmentally responsible way of disposing waste. We believe that together we can build innovative solutions, keep public places clean, and foster sustainability. For us, waste management is not a service we provide, rather it is about building communities that can become the heroes of the environment.

Also the cost involved in waste management is not only high for an individual but also a municipality. The expenses needed for the overall operations, workforce is difficult to cover and hence waste management becomes a reason of worry of every municipality. The best way to be able to sustain in the market is to partner with a waste management company that is skillful and believes in providing secure solutions.

Swachha is undoubtedly the perfect choice of every municipality and helps reduce the investments a municipality has to make to take care of end to end waste management.

We have tailored solutions for managing waste and recycling. Starting from planning, implementation to reporting, we make sure we recommend the best for you. Making a combined effort helps reduce environmental and administrative costs, along with enhancing your effort towards having a sustainable future.

We specialize in the management of Hazardous, Non hazardous, Plastic, Liquid and E-Waste that can be cumbersome. Eliminate unsustainable ways of municipal garbage pickup or multiple resident subscriptions.

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