When it comes to recycling, we mean sustainality.
Our local recycling and waste diversion solutions reduce costs for your business and help you meet ever-increasing regulations. We make it easy and cost-practical for you to recycle.
We design diversion programs specifically for your type of business and your waste streams – paper, plastics, metals and more. Our local experts educate your team on proper disposal methods using simple-to-understand materials.
Our skilled associates collect your recyclables at times and places that are most convenient to your workplace. We also make recycling worthwhile to your business and to our shared world by making sure we capture and divert as much material as possible.
We invest in powerful processing technologies and material recovery facilities to get the highest rates of diversion efficiently and cost effectively.
We have in-house recycling solutions of hard-to-recycle waste streams that will help you reach your diversion and sustainability goals.

Wet Waste Management
(Source segregated Organics)

Our specialize in recycling organic material from Residential ,Gated communities, Apartments, restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, offices, greenhouses and farms just about any place where food is consumed or plants are grown.
We make organics recycling easy.
Our experts analyze your waste streams and define an actionable organics plan.
We educate your team using proven training and support materials.
We come right to your doorstep, provide ease of access for your staff.
And we collect organics and bring them to our local facilities where they are converted into compost, energy, and other usable products.

Landscape Collection

Contractors, grounds crews, and landscapers alike trust us to provide on-demand and ongoing disposal of trees, stumps and other natural materials.
That’s because we have the local assets and resources to take it all, no matter where it comes from: business parks, golf courses, shopping malls, medical centers or even sports parks.
Our services for landscape debris are environmentally responsible, cost practical and tailored to your needs.
Our trucks are ready to roll for on-demand collection when you need it.
When you survey the local landscape for environmental solutions, there is only one progressive choice.

Recycling Centers

We have a network of Recycling collection centers locally make the promise of environmental sustainability a reality.
Our local recycling, materials recovery and processing facilities take your business materials – paper, cardboard, bottles, metals and electronics – sort them, separate them and prepare them for reuse by third parties.
We manage our centers locally, staff them with knowledgeable associates and invest in advanced sorting systems to make sure every last scrap is recycled quickly and efficiently.

Aggregating Stations

Our Aggregating stations are located close to your business for maximum convenience and efficiency. Stations play a vital role in the efficient and responsible management of local waste and recycling.
To cut down on travel time between your site and ours and achieve a lower carbon footprint for both of us, we choose to operate our stations in the best urban locations in Bangalore.
Our properties are staffed by friendly and knowledgeable associates, designed for quick access and outfitted with the latest equipment and technologies to consolidate waste or recyclables for final removal.


Local landfills are an important link in our chain of responsible environmental solutions.We do everything we can to divert your waste from landfill. But the fact is, some materials are not reusable.That’s why we are ready to operate landfills and strive to make them as progressive as possible.

We equip our landfills with the latest technology, including systems that collect and remove leachate for treatment and monitor groundwater quality.
We use landfill covering and special infill strategies designed to maximize their useful life.
And each one is expertly engineered and managed to protect the environment, serve the community as a responsible neighbor and meet the highest standards of care required by local, state, provincial and national regulators.
Landfills may be the solution of last resort, but they can still be progressive in serving you and the world around us.

Waste Audits

Our local sustainability experts give you the tools and insights to manage your waste streams and reduce your environmental footprint.
As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.
With our waste stream audits, you not only measure your waste outputs, you get an actionable plan for cost practical waste reduction, recycling and material recovery.
Progressive audits are a great way to begin a business relationship with us. They allow you to set goals and benchmark corporate progress over time.
And they can lead to the development of various collection and recycling optimization strategies that save you money, enhance safety and improve regulatory compliance.