Residential Services

The home is the last place you would want to see unclean and prone to any diseases. Waste collection is an important thing in every household and Swachha understands the crux of it.

With Swachha, you don’t have to worry about the trash collection or removal. All you need to do is rely upon us. Our services are professional and value priced. We have the best in class system set up for residential waste collection. Modern vehicles equipped with highly trained drivers are deployed so that you are never concerned about the waste management, neighborhood safety or your property premises.

Our services are not limited to residential waste collection. We have a range of speciality services including residential waste recycling, green waste collection, bulky item pickup and help with household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal.

Waste Removal Services

We know your neighborhood – because we live there, too!
Trust a neighbor to deliver the best in regular or subscription-based curbside waste collection. We is as invested in this community as are you and your family. We live here. We work here. We have a commitment to making this community as clean, as safe and as sustainable as we can.
This commitment extends to keeping our customer service live and local. When you call us with a request, a question or a complaint, you’ll talk to a service associate who lives here and who knows your neighborhood as well as you do.
Our service associates are not only courteous, exceptionally well trained and responsible; they have full authority to act on your behalf.
And when it comes to responsiveness, and environmental leadership nothing matters more than empowered people.

Dry Waste Collection Service

We separate ourselves from the pack by separating more recyclables for you.
Doing what’s right is easy when you use our recycling services.
From single stream recycling to conveniently located materials recovery facilities (MRFs), we divert tons of material from local landfills every day.
Today, we’re able to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum. Many of our partnered facilities can even recycle glass and other metals that enable businesses and homeowners to recycle almost all non-organic waste, including pens, drink pouches, coffee capsules and home electronics.

Landscape Collectione

Whether or not you like gardening, you’ll like our green thumb service.
From big items like tree stumps and fence posts to small but annoying noxious weeds, we collect it all. And we compost of green waste in a responsible manner that helps our communities stay environmentally sustainable.

Bulky Items

Big and bulky items in your way? We’re ready to help.
It’s not every day that you throw out a mattress or a stove.
But when you do, it’s good to know that with one call, we’ll be there to take it off your hands. It’s all part of our local on-demand collection and recycling solution, delivered responsibly, by people who care about you and the environment.

Household Hazardous Waste

For hazardous waste disposal, only the safest solution will do.
Throwing cleaners, paints, motor oil, insecticide and other Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) into the trash is illegal in most communities.
Give us a call and we’ll help you find the closest HHW disposal facility in your area.

Wet Waste Management
(Source segregated Organics)

Our specialize in recycling organic material from Residential ,Gated communities,Apartments,restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, offices, greenhouses and farms just about any place where food is consumed or plants are grown.
We make organics recycling easy.
Our experts analyze your waste streams and define an actionable organics plan.
We educate your team using proven training and support materials.
We come right to your doorstep, provide ease of access for your staff.
And we collect or operate and maintain the organics/organic composting facility or bring them to our local facilities where they are converted into compost, energy, and other usable products.

Special Events Collection and Recycling Services

Your special event deserves special attention.
Whether you’re playing host to a garden wedding or a post-game celebration, outdoor events, marriages, festivals, sports events we’re ready with effective solutions to help make your experience better – and the post-event clean-up easier.